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Considering Cassidy’s father thought the Lord of the Rings would be a good bedtime story as a small child, Cassidy never stood a chance at growing up normal. Some of Cassidy’s earliest memories include re-watching the original Star Wars Trilogy until she could recite the lines from memory (A feat she cannot replicate now). At 6 years old Cassidy and her sister were gifted a Nintendo 64 and she has never looked back. She is still a bit of a Nintendo Fangirl with a special place in her heart for Legend of Zelda, the series that started her love of video games. Cassidy prides herself on having at least a basic knowledge of most fandoms/most things nerdy, but if she had to pick a specialty it would be in anything cartoons/animated. Growing up she had little to no interest in anything that wasn’t animated, and that somewhat persists to today. One of Cassidy’s all time favorite fandoms is the Pokemon fandom and she can still be found playing Pokemon Go.

Cassidy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Private Practice in LA. Her practice is focused on helping teenagers and young adults suffering from depression and anxiety through the use of pop culture. To learn more about her practice feel free to check out her website:




Abbey is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Professional Clinical Counselor Associate (APCC) with a passion for supporting transitional youth and at-risk populations. Abbey was practically born with a Nintendo controller in her hand. At 4 she was beating up bad guys and completing dungeon puzzles… which in a way is really no different than solving the way adversity impacts our complex minds. What Abbey enjoys the most about the mental health field is the ability to help others level up. Some of Abbey’s other interests include tabletop gaming, collecting toys, and listening to K-pop. 

To learn more about Abbey, tune into the Therapy for Nerds Podcast and Stay awhile and listen...


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Katie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who helps teens, young adults, and families work through challenges such as worry, perfectionism, and stress from being a high achiever or gifted. Knowing the importance of self-care and balance, Katie likes to spend her free time playing video and board games to unwind and stay connected with friends. Some of her favorites have been Fallout: New Vegas, the Mass Effect series, and the board game Gloomhaven. She also may have played way too much Sims over the years, but that's a story for another day. 

To learn more about Katie and her work, visit her website at



Please note that all nerdy opinions are our own.  We only speak for ourselves.